CPS Announces “The Soul Fumba,” Its Latest Real Estate Project in Tanzania

The Soul Fumba

Summary – CPS, introduces “The Soul Fumba” its Real Estate Project in Tanzania’s Fumba Town infrastructure. The project offers attractive incentives to foreign buyers. These incentives benefit from Zanzibar‘s thriving tourism sector.

CPS, Tanzania’s largest private real estate developer, has announced its latest project, “The Soul Fumba.” The project features 200 dream holiday apartments in the Fumba Town infrastructure on the west coast. The apartments provide healthcare facilities, playgrounds, permaculture gardens, retail spaces, food courts, and office areas.

Payment Plan and Long-term Value of “The Soul Fumba”

“The Soul Fumba” promises high returns on investment. These incentives benefit from Zanzibar‘s thriving tourism sector and the value appreciation of a fast-growing urban center. The project welcomes foreign buyers as part of the Fumba Town Development Project in the Free Economic Zone. The excellent location close to both Stone Town and the airport provides convenience for both residents and visitors.


The Government of Zanzibar has announced attractive incentives such as residency visas starting with an investment of $100,000 and tax benefits. CPS is dedicated to establishing a hospitable atmosphere for foreign investors who are keen on exploring the Zanzibar real estate market.

“The Soul Fumba” apartments have been sold off-plan, enabling purchasers to secure their units with a 15% deposit. A five-year payment plan is available with monthly instalments starting from $1,270. CPS offers a 99-year lease title to each buyer of “The Soul Fumba” apartments, providing them with the authority to inherit, mortgage, sell, and rent out their property. CPS guarantees long-term value and security for purchasers, allowing them to maximize their investments.


Invitation to Explore “The Soul Fumba”

CPS welcomes potential buyers investigate the thrilling prospect offered by “The Soul Fumba” and participate in the quest to establish a lively community in Fumba Town. To learn more, please visit the CPS website or contact their dedicated sales team. The unveiling of “The Soul Fumba” was accompanied by a panel discussion featuring prominent figures who explored potential opportunities in the real estate sector spurred by the thriving tourism industry.

Zanzibar’s Thriving Real Estate Sector

Zanzibar’s tourism sector has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, anticipating a remarkable 30% growth compared to 2022. The flourishing economy of the country is expected to grow by more than 7% in 2023. The real estate sector in Zanzibar has rapidly grown in recent years, making it fertile ground for growth and expansion, with endless opportunities for those up to the challenge. Zanzibar’s progressive Government now welcomes ‘The Soul Fumba Project’ and supports the real estate sector. 



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