Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy – At Africa Hotel Report (AH Report), we are unwavering in our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards across all our digital content. We believe in transparency, accountability, and integrity in everything we do.

Feedback & Corrections

We value your input. If you encounter any information on our website, social media, or in our videos that you believe is inaccurate or raises ethical concerns, please bring it to our attention by emailing us at in**@af***************.com. Your feedback is not only welcome but greatly appreciated.

We are dedicated to promptly addressing and rectifying any content that is found to be factually inaccurate or ethically questionable. Any substantive corrections to our articles will be clearly communicated to our readers. However, it’s important to note that, as champions of independent journalism, we do not alter opinions or reviews at the request of external parties.

Independence and Editorial Integrity

Africa Hotel Report stands firm in its belief that our editorial content should remain independent and free from any external influence, particularly from advertisers. Our commitment to unbiased reporting is unwavering.

Endorsement and Ethical Values

We want to make it unequivocally clear that Africa Hotel Report does not endorse any political agendas. Moreover, we vehemently condemn illegal, cruel, hateful, or exploitative activities. Our strict zero-tolerance policy extends to conflict products such as ivory and tortoise shell, as well as practices like game hunting and any organizations that exploit children, animals, indigenous populations, marginalized communities, or any vulnerable groups.

Fair Treatment and Integrity

We expect every member of our team to treat our readers, customers, suppliers, and competitors with fairness, honesty, and integrity. Our commitment to preserving our good name and reputation is unwavering. Therefore, anyone who engages with Africa Hotel Report, whether through direct interactions with our staff or our media, can anticipate fair, honest, and principled treatment.

At AH Report, our ethics policy is a cornerstone of our dedication to responsible journalism, transparency, and unwavering ethical standards.

Permitted Use

You may access and use the materials on africahotelreport solely for your personal use, provided that you comply with the limitations and guidelines specified in this policy.

Prohibited Activities

Under this license agreement, you are expressly prohibited from:

Republishing: You may not republish any material from africahotelreport on any platform, whether online or offline.

Selling, Renting, or Sub-Licensing: You may not engage in any commercial activity, including selling, renting, or sub-licensing any material from africahotelreport.

Reproduction: Duplication or copying of material from africahotelreport for any purpose is strictly prohibited.

Redistribution: Content from africahotelreport may not be redistributed in any form, electronic or otherwise, without prior written consent from the respective intellectual property owners.