Explore African Domestic Tourism: Aleph Hospitality’s COO, Jad Shamseddin Insights

Amid a growing global emphasis on domestic tourism, the October episode of “Africa Hotel Vista” delivers unmatched insights under the theme, “Capitalizing on the growth of domestic tourism in Africa.”


Remaining devoted to creating niche content for hotel professionals, this installment features the seasoned perspective of Jad Shamseddin, Aleph Hospitality’s Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Shamseddin, Aleph Hospitality’s COO since 2021, brings 22 years of hospitality experience. He’s played key roles in launching 14 hotels, from budget to luxury, and holds an MBA in Hospitality Management. His leadership centers on operational excellence and ROI.


With extensive experience spanning the Middle East and Africa, Mr. Shamseddin shares strategies for hotels looking to optimize domestic tourism. He also emphasizes culturally sensitive offerings, local business collaborations, technology adoption, and unique guest experiences.

Jad Shamseddin, Shares Expertise on Domestic Tourism in Africa

During the interview, Mr. Shamseddin highlights the success of hotels like Best Western Plus Westlands and the Boma Nairobi, offering benchmark practices for hotels targeting domestic travelers.

Africa Hotel Vista’s curator emphasizes their commitment to elevating discussions in the African hotelier community. Mr. Shamseddin’s insights on quality, revenue optimization, and cost management are invaluable for their audience, striving to enhance hospitality standards across the continent.

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