Explore Africa’s hospitality landscape with Craig Erasmus: Vice President Operations Fairmont Africa & Mantis

Craig Erasmus

“Africa Hotel Vista’s ‘Inspire, Educate, Elevate’ Series: An Exclusive Interview with Craig Erasmus, Vice President of Operations for Fairmont Africa & Mantis”


Craig Erasmus, Vice President of Operations for Fairmont Africa & Mantis, brings a wealth of hospitality expertise to the forefront. His career has centered on curating exceptional guest experiences, establishing strong commercial structures, and navigating intricate stakeholder relationships. Craig’s commitment to innovation propels his mission to revolutionize the African hospitality sector. Where he currently oversees Accor’s Fairmont Brand in Africa and the global Mantis Brand.

With a diverse professional background spanning engineering, project management, finance, development, and hospitality, Craig’s versatility complements his hands-on leadership style. He credits early mentorship experiences for shaping his journey and now prioritizes mentoring and coaching to foster regional capacity.


Before his role with Accor and Mantis, Craig’s career as an environmental scientist focused on sustainability in public and private development projects. This dedication carries forward into his position as a director of the non-profit Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA). Where he focuses on conservation through community collaboration.

Craig Erasmus not only brings extensive sector experience but also a fervor for reshaping Africa’s hospitality landscape. His expertise spans a range of roles, from engineering and project management to finance, development, and hospitality.

Craig Erasmus: One-On-On With Africa Hotel Report

In this exclusive interview with Africa Hotel Report, Craig dives deep into the critical considerations for hotel developers contemplating expansion into new markets. He underscores the importance of selecting high-quality local partners, comprehending each country’s distinct challenges, and ensuring project viability. His insights illuminate the roles of local expertise, the significance of scale, and the need to tailor strategies to suit various market maturities.

One captivating aspect of the discussion centers on the accomplishments of Fairmont’s reentry into the South African market and Mantis’s success in Zimbabwe. These achievements underscore the value of a solid foundation, market insight, and a supportive operational ecosystem.

Craig Erasmus shares invaluable insights into emerging markets in Africa that offer substantial potential for hotel expansion. Emphasizing a focus on cities and a profound understanding of local dynamics.

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