Luxurious African Safari Lodges Undergoes a Transformation

African Safari Lodges

SUMMARY – REINVENTING AFRICAN SAFARI LODGES: And Beyond Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge undergoes a transformation, breaking away from clichés with a biophilic approach and traditional influences. ALEXANDER AND FOX BROWNE CREATIVE create an immersive and authentic experience that celebrates nature and local culture.


Over the years, African Safari Lodges have followed a predictable pattern of clichéd design schemes, featuring khaki tones, thatched roofs, and animal trophies. However, the industry has now shifted its focus towards creating immersive design experiences. It prioritizes the connection with nature, local traditions, and luxurious accommodations.

At Lolebezi, a biophilic approach was the cornerstone of their design philosophy. The riverside suites were strategically aligned to capture the beauty of each sunrise and sunset. Additionally, raised platforms were constructed to withstand the annual floodwaters. Indoors and copper plates pays homage to both local craftsmanship and Zambia’s mining heritage.


Drawing Inspiration from Tradition

Taking inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Tanzania, Alexander and design duo Fox Browne Creative embarked on a reinvention journey for AndBeyond Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge. Their design cues derived from the graceful bow of the Grumeti River and the circular shapes of traditional manyatta huts.

The designers aimed to break away from the stereotypical African Safari Lodge aesthetic. Instead of relying on tired clichés, they sought to create a fresh and authentic experience that resonated with both the natural surroundings and local culture.

By integrating biophilic elements throughout the lodge, Alexander and Fox Browne Creative aimed to foster a deeper connection between guests and the surrounding environment. The use of natural materials, organic textures, and ample natural light created a seamless harmony between the interior spaces and the stunning Serengeti landscape.

The circular forms found in manyatta huts thoughtfully incorporated into the lodge’s design, creating a sense of unity and continuity. This design choice not only paid tribute to local traditions but also provided a soothing and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Attention to detail played a pivotal role in the lodge’s transformation. Delicate touches, such as handcrafted artworks, locally sourced textiles, and indigenous patterns, added layers of authenticity and cultural significance to the overall design.


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