Transcorp Hotels Plc’s Dupe Olusola’s Insights on Boosting African Domestic Tourism

Dupe Olusola

In latest episode of Africa Hotel Vista, Dupe Olusola, the Managing Director/CEO of Transcorp Hotels Plc, shares invaluable insights on tapping into Africa’s expanding domestic tourism sector.


Dupe Olusola, known for her visionary leadership, consistently champions innovative initiatives and strategic insights. Her dynamic approach to seizing opportunities and cultivating relationships has solidified her as a prominent figure in the challenging terrain of the hospitality industry.

One-on-One With Dupe Olusola

In the October edition, themed “Capitalizing on the Growth of Domestic Tourism in Africa,” Olusola discusses the pivotal shift in tourism trends following the global health crisis. She emphasizes the notable rise in domestic travel and highlights how Transcorp Hotels Plc has adeptly adapted to this change. Notably, she introduces ‘Aura,’ a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the booking experience for accommodations and local activities.


Throughout the conversation, Olusola emphasizes the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to engage domestic travelers effectively. She cites Transcorp Hilton Abuja as a prime example, showcasing its diverse range of leisure activities. That offer an immersive experience reflecting Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.

Drawing from the success of properties under her leadership, Olusola details how innovation and adaptability have played a vital role in capturing the domestic market. She points to initiatives like open-air cinemas and culinary experiences, implemented at Transcorp Hilton Abuja and Transcorp Hotel Calabar. These initiatives have made a significant impact on local tourism and contributed to broader economic diversification.

Olusola discusses the broader spectrum of domestic tourism growth in Africa. She identifies critical drivers such as a renewed appreciation for local exploration and economic factors influencing travel decisions. She also underscores the global trend toward authentic, culturally immersive travel experiences.

Olusola also articulates the indispensable role of the hospitality sector in strengthening Africa’s economic diversification and encourages increased foreign direct investment in the continent’s diverse tourism sector.

“Recognizing the untapped potential within our borders is the first step towards sustainable economic growth,” says Dupe Olusola. “By curating unique, culturally resonant experiences for domestic travelers, we do more than boost our local economies. We engage in an essential, larger process of storytelling that shapes the narrative of Africa’s vast, diverse cultures and landscapes.”