AHR Announces Official Media Partnership with WTM Africa

AHR and WTM Africa

AHR (Africa Hotel Report) is now an official media partner of World Travel Market Africa (WTM Africa). This collaboration aims to expand WTM’s content reach and leverage Africa Hotel Report’s platform to showcase the evolving landscape of the African hospitality sector.

The partnership seeks to deepen understanding of challenges and opportunities in the African hospitality sector and foster an environment for collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Together, AHR and WTM Africa anticipate contributing valuable knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities to the hospitality and travel sectors.

About Africa Hotel Report (AHR)

AHR stands as a distinguished platform for daily updates on hospitality news across Africa. The platform dedicatedly delivers real-time, comprehensive information on the African hotel industry. It’s catering to the needs of businesses, investors, and travelers alike. AHR’s commitment extends beyond merely reporting news. It aims to provide a holistic view of the industry, covering aspects such as new hotel openings, industry trends, market insights, and more. The platform believes that staying informed is crucial in navigating the dynamic and rapidly growing African hotel industry.


About World Travel Market Africa (WTM Africa)

WTM Africa is an annual travel and tourism trade show held in Cape Town, South Africa. World Travel Market events are global exhibitions. That bring together industry professionals to network, discuss business opportunities, and showcase products and services. Beyond its annual showcase, WTM Africa ensures year-round access to industry trends, developments, and technologies, fostering continuous engagement and collaboration on a global scale. WTM Africa’s partnership with AHR underscores their commitment to the hospitality industry.