Dexter Moren, Founding Partner of Studio Moren, Redefines African Hospitality Design in Africa Hotel Vista

Dexter Moren

In the latest issue of “Africa Hotel Vista,” a leading hospitality publication, Dexter Moren, Founding Partner of Studio Moren, takes center stage. The December issue, themed around “Hotel Design, Architecture, and Interiors in the African Context,” presents Moren’s insights into crafting spaces that harmonize with Africa’s diverse landscapes and cultures.


Dexter Moren, an esteemed figure in hospitality design, was honored with the AHEAD Outstanding Contribution to Hospitality Design Award in 2022. As the driving force behind Studio Moren since 1992, his global journey from Johannesburg to New York and London has shaped his expertise. With a focus on design excellence and sustainability, Moren has collaborated with major hospitality brands worldwide.

Dexter Moren insights on African Hospitality

Moren, drawing on decades of experience, underscores the influence of regional distinctiveness in African architecture and interior design. He advocates for a global yet localized approach, emphasizing the importance of understanding each neighborhood’s story. This ensures that each hotel property becomes a unique reflection of its environment, fostering a deeper connection for guests.

Service-Driven Design for Lasting Impressions


Highlighting the importance of service-driven design, Moren emphasizes creating excellent back-of-house environments to cultivate positive employee attitudes. This, he believes, translates into exceptional guest services, leaving lasting impressions and enhancing the overall guest experience.


Sustainability as a Core Ethos

Sustainability is at the heart of Moren’s design philosophy. He champions the use of locally sourced materials and technologies to reduce carbon footprints and support local economies. Moren states that making responsible choices benefits both the environment and local cultures, showcasing tangible advantages in hotel design.

Balancing Modern Sophistication with Cultural Diversity

Moren addresses the integration of African cultural diversity in designs, aiming to appeal to both local and international guests. His strategy involves balancing sophisticated facilities with local artistry, such as basket work and crafts, to authentically represent African cultures in modern hospitality settings.

Future-Ready Designs for Evolving Markets

Observing evolving market dynamics, Moren focuses on adaptable and future-ready designs. He notes a shift towards hotels becoming community hubs, where interaction with local residents is as valued as guest experiences. Continuous innovation and responsiveness to change, he asserts, are crucial for future-proofing hospitality properties.

About Studio Moren

An acclaimed architecture and interior design firm, Studio Moren, boasts award-winning expertise, particularly in the hospitality sector. The studio adopts an integrated approach that caters to a diverse audience, encompassing guests, residents, employees, owners, visitors, and local communities. Across various locations, Studio Moren consistently crafts inviting spaces where people naturally gravitate. With over three decades of experience, the enduring relationships and partnerships forged by the studio stand as a testament to their creativity, expertise, and collaborative ethos.

About Africa Hotel Vista

“Africa Hotel Vista” stands as a preeminent platform for thought leadership in the African hospitality industry. Its monthly video series delves into key trends and discussions shaping the future of the sector, serving as an essential resource for professionals exploring the intricacies and opportunities within the dynamic landscape of African hospitality.