Hazendal Wine Estate’s Chef Michelle Theron Shares Her Culinary Insights in “Africa Hotel Vista”

Michelle Theron

In the November subject of “Africa Hotel Vista,” dedicated to “Crafting Memorable Hotel Dining,” Hazendal Wine Estate’s Executive Chef, Michelle Theron, shares groundbreaking insights. Theron, renowned for her blend of international inspiration and South African ingredients, sheds light on leveraging Africa’s rich resources for diverse hospitality experiences.


Michelle Theron, Hazendal’s Executive Chef, pioneers culinary innovation, infusing European influences into South African dishes. Her commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, coupled with a rich background in Michelin-starred kitchens, establishes her as a pivotal figure in the culinary realm.

Michelle Theron Dynamic Culinary Approach

Theron advocates for food as a storyteller, emphasizing the use of locally sourced ingredients to create authentic and creative dishes. Her dynamic culinary approach integrates personal heritage and regional influences, shaping a dining experience that resonates with both tradition and innovation.

Michelle Theron delves into the fusion of African flavors, drawing from Dutch, French, Indian, and Malaysian influences. Balancing tradition and modern techniques, she offers a unique dining experience that caters to contemporary tastes while preserving the essence of African cuisine.


Aligned with global wellness trends, Theron emphasizes health-conscious choices by incorporating ancient grains and supporting sustainable, organic farming practices. Her culinary approach reflects a growing demand for environmentally friendly dining options.


Strategic Insights for Culinary Success

Theron shares strategic insights for boosting guest satisfaction and revenue. Emphasizing exceptional service and guest feedback adaptation, her strategies aim to create an inviting environment. She also wants to encourage prolonged stays and repeat visits.

Addressing technology’s role, Theron highlights the importance of customized systems for efficient task automation. She acknowledges the power of online platforms for sharing culinary knowledge, ideas, and global industry trends.

About Africa Hotel Vista

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