Insights for EMEA Hoteliers from Hospitality Benchmark Report 2024

Hospitality Benchmark Report

In the recently released 2024 Hospitality Benchmark Report by Revinate, an in-depth analysis of over 1.8 billion emails and 37 million guest reviews from 2023 offers EMEA hoteliers invaluable insights to boost revenue and enhance guest satisfaction.


5 Takeaways from Hospitality Benchmark Report 2024

Here are five insights from the Hospitality Benchmark Report 2024 to elevate your hotel marketing and guest feedback strategies.

1. Enhancing Database Health Reduces OTA Dependency

Maintaining a healthy database proves crucial for reducing reliance on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). This Revinate report highlights that approximately 73% of EMEA hoteliers’ database records boast valid email addresses not obscured by OTAs. This is a vital indicator of email health, allowing direct communication with guests throughout their journey. It will also reduce the dependency on third-party platforms.

The Hospitality Benchmark Report highlights that 31% of hotel databases in EMEA have OTA-masked emails. Which is making a significant portion of potential guests unreachable. To address this, it suggests promptly updating OTA-sourced email addresses in the property management system using identity resolution technology.


2. Segmented Emails Drive Higher Conversions

The Hospitality Benchmark Report emphasizes the effectiveness of sending highly segmented emails. When emails are tailored to fewer than 5K people, they’re twice as likely to lead to action compared to emails sent to larger groups. Utilizing a CDP bridges the gap between various management systems, enabling hotels to identify a single guest across all activities and tailor messaging accordingly.


3. Maximize Revenue Through Upselling

In EMEA, 59% of hoteliers are incorporating upsells within confirmation or pre-arrival emails. The Hospitality Benchmark Report reveals that upsell revenue from confirmation emails experienced a notable 14.2% increase. That is highlighting the impact of automated upsell campaigns on creating a consistent revenue stream.

4. Valuable Feedback Through Survey Engagement

Encouraging survey responses is essential for gathering valuable guest feedback. The Hospitality Benchmark Report indicates an average survey response rate of 9.4% in EMEA, emphasizing the importance of actively engaging guests to maximize the impact of survey responses.

5. Capture Missed Opportunities with Abandonment Campaigns

Implementing website and Revinate’s cart abandonment campaigns can convert missed opportunities into revenue goldmines. The report shares success stories, like the Pulitzer Amsterdam, achieving remarkable results with cart abandonment campaigns, with an average open rate exceeding 80% and a click-through rate of 21.6%.

In conclusion, the 2024 Hospitality Benchmark Report provides actionable insights to help hoteliers enhance marketing strategies and reputation management, driving revenue growth and elevating guest experiences.

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