Ocean Pearl Zanzibar Developers Open Ownership Opportunities to Investors

The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar
The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar resort and residence facility is now available for investment, with ownership stakes available to both local and foreign investors, starting at an initial investment of $50,000.

The developers of The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar, a $100 million resort and residence facility currently under construction in Nungwi East, Zanzibar, have announced that the property is available for investment.

Squid Limited Zanzibar, the firm behind the project, has made ownership stakes available to local and foreign investors with an initial investment of $50,000. The first phase of the development, comprising 238 units, is expected to be completed by January 2025, and investors will be granted title deeds or lease agreements for 99 years.

The project is registered with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency, and investors stand to benefit from tax and residency benefits and an estimated 12% annual return on investment over a seven-year payback period. The facility will include a commercial center and extensive common areas of pools and greenery.

Finally, The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar’s chance represents an intriguing promise for both local and global investors. The proposal by Squid Limited Zanzibar to provide ownership stakes in this $100 million resort and living facility is a promising route for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio. With a $50,000 initial investment, investors can get a stake in a project that promises significant benefits such as 99-year title deeds or lease agreements, tax advantages, and possible yearly returns of 12% over a seven-year payback period.


Furthermore, the project’s registration with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency gives an extra degree of respectability to this enterprise, creating confidence in prospective investors. With the first phase of development set to be completed by January 2025, the opportunity to be a part of this big project is swiftly coming. The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar has the potential to be a dynamic and appealing destination with its planned commercial hub and extensive common areas such as pools and green spaces.


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