Africa Hotel Vista Series: September Recap

Africa Hotel Vista Series

September was a month of remarkable insights and groundbreaking discussions at Africa Hotel Vista’s video series. Our focus was on exploring new markets and expanding hotel businesses in Africa. We had the privilege of hosting three industry leaders who shared their expertise and visions for the African hospitality sector.


1. Trevor Ward

Our first guest in September was none other than Trevor Ward, the Managing Director of W Hospitality Group. With a career spanning over three decades, Trevor Ward has become a prominent figure in the global hospitality and real estate industries. His commitment to Africa has made him an indispensable resource for clients seeking guidance on the continent.

In our engaging conversation with Trevor Ward, part of our Africa Hotel Vista video series, we explored the critical topic of “Exploring New Markets and Expanding Hotel Businesses in Africa.” His insights undoubtedly enriched the discussion and highlighted his pivotal role in shaping the future of the African hospitality and real estate industries.


2. Craig Erasmus

Next up was Craig Erasmus, the Vice President of Operations for Fairmont Africa & Mantis, a part of the Accor group. Craig’s career has been dedicated to curating exceptional guest experiences, establishing strong commercial structures, and navigating intricate stakeholder relationships.

In our exclusive interview with Craig Erasmus, he shared critical considerations for hotel developers looking to expand into new markets in Africa. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of high-quality local partnerships, understanding the unique challenges of each country, and ensuring project viability. Craig’s insights illuminated the roles of local expertise, the significance of scale, and the need to tailor strategies to suit various market maturities.

3. Carl Haller

Our third guest in September was Carl Haller, the New Business Developer at Newmark Hotels. Carl’s journey in hospitality began with studies in Sales and Marketing and has since seen him take on roles as a General Manager, Group Hospitality Director, and a key figure in opening new hotels.

In our episode with Carl Haller, he guided us through the meticulous process of evaluating new market opportunities in Africa, adapting hotel products to regional needs, and addressing challenges in new markets on the continent. Additionally, his insights illuminated the potential areas of growth within Africa’s ever-evolving hotel landscape.

Looking Forward to October

As we bid farewell to September, we eagerly anticipate the exciting interviews lined up for October. Our theme for the upcoming month is “Capitalizing on the Growth of Domestic Tourism in Africa”. We have a roster of industry experts who will share their strategies and predictions, providing unparalleled insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of African tourism.

So, don’t miss out on these enriching conversations! Join us on our Africa Hotel Vista Series to stay updated and inspired by these industry trailblazers.