Cape Town Hospitality School Launches Consultation Service Across Africa

Cape Town Hospitality School

Cape Town Hospitality School (CTHS) has introduced its Hospitality Consultation Service, spearheaded by seasoned Chef Siven Pillay. With 28 years of culinary expertise spanning the U.K., Europe, East Africa, and South Africa, Chef Siven brings a wealth of knowledge to professional kitchens, offering operational audits, inspections, and training to elevate the standards of food preparation.


Chef Siven, certified in effective auditing and inspection by IRCA, extends his consultancy to the hospitality industry globally. Specializing in menu planning, training, costing, kitchen design, and safety procedures, Chef Siven has been a guiding force for restaurants, guesthouses, and commercial kitchens. Additionally, as a professional member of the S.A. Chefs Association and the South African Culinary and Hospitality Educator’s Forum, his reputation precedes him in Cape Town Hospitality School as well.

Service offerings of Cape Town Hospitality School

Targeting hotels, guesthouses, lodges, restaurants, industrial/commercial kitchens, events venues, and conferencing venues, CTHS aims to transform professional kitchens of all sizes and types throughout Africa.


Cape Town Hospitality School’s Hospitality Consultation Service provides operational audits, inspections, and training focusing on professional food preparation, health and safety, kitchen and food hygiene, and efficient kitchen flow. The service also caters to the common challenges faced by businesses, including compliance with local health codes, franchise standards, day-to-day operational efficiency, waste management, staff training, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Benefits

By engaging in CTHS kind of service, businesses align with compliance criteria, prevent penalties, and maintain standards set by local health authorities, ensuring the validity of their food trade license. A clean and safe kitchen translates to clean and safe meals, reducing complaints and legal actions. Moreover, businesses can increase profit margins by reducing waste, proper food preparation, and well-trained staff adhering to health and safety protocols.

Current Industry Practices and Challenges

Many businesses are not proactively addressing ongoing challenges, opting to manage them at a financial cost. Awareness of consistent, unnecessary cost increases is limited, and some businesses remain oblivious to how incorrect practices impact their bottom line.

Properly skilled and trained staff create a positive business culture, minimizing complaints and ensuring smooth operations. The emotional drivers behind using this service include staff and owners feeling positive and proud of the service they provide, leading to increased compliments, gratuities, and overall satisfaction.

Cape Town Hospitality School’s Hospitality Consultation Service emerges as a beacon of transformation for professional kitchens, promising not just compliance but a positive shift in the culture of culinary operations across the continent.