Tanzanian Hotels: Embracing Smart Technologies for a Post-Covid Renaissance

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 Tanzanian hotels are being encouraged to incorporate smart technologies in their recovery plans from the pandemic. Government officials also backed digitalization of the hospitality industry and urged tech investors not to leak revenue through their services.

Tanzanian hotels have embraced smart technologies to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. In Zanzibar, a recent forum on the hospitality industry highlighted the importance of digitization. The government supported this initiative and called for investors to make a positive contribution. This article examines the key changes shaping Tanzania’s hospitality landscape.


In the face of Covid-19’s issues, Tanzanian hotels are being forcefully urged to use smart technologies into their expansion strategy. This requirement was made clear during an important seminar for the hospitality sector held in Zanzibar and expertly put together by Pesapal and Oracle Hospitality, two local payment service providers.

The hospitality industry in Tanzania is expected to become more resilient and competitive as a result of this forward-thinking strategy.


Pesapal’s Country Manager, Bupe Mwakalundwa, said that the company was partnering with global players to accelerate the path to value for both the hospitality and travel sectors post-pandemic.

Zanzibar‘s Minister for Trade and Industrial Development, Omar Said Shaaban, also expressed support for the digitalization of the hospitality industry, noting that technology and hospitality were two sides of the same coin.

The Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning, Ali Suleimani Ameir, challenged technology investors to ensure that their services boost government coffers and do not become sources of revenue leakages.

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The Tanzanian hotels & hohospitality industry will undergo a major transformation as it embraces Smart Technologies and tries to recover from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Digitalization and a strong commitment to ensure technology investments boost both the industry and government revenues are key elements of the path to recovery.

Government officials, such as Zanzibar’s Minister for Trade and Industrial Development and Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning have resoundingly supported this initiative. As hotels in Tanzania adapt these innovative solutions we anticipate a revitalized hospitality sector that is more resilient and ready to provide exceptional travel experiences while contributing to the nation’s economic well-being.

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