WTM Africa 2024 Puts Sustainability at the Forefront

Africa Travel Week (ATW) AND WTM Africa 2024



Leading B2B tourism trade event, WTM Africa, commits to sustainability at this year’s show, happening from 03 – 05 April 2024 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Megan De Jager, Portfolio Director – Travel, Tourism at RX Africa, emphasizes the necessity for responsible choices in the sector’s expansion. She highlights efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, minimize waste, and promote eco-friendly practices.

Partnering with the City of Cape Town, known for its responsible tourism, WTM Africa 2024 reinforces its commitment to sustainability. Geordin Hill-Lewis, Executive Mayor of Cape Town, also praises the focus on sustainable tourism, ensuring growth without harmful environmental impacts.

Notable Eco-Initiatives at WTM Africa 2024

  1. CTICC Collaboration – Partnering with the CTICC, known for its environmental policy, WTM Africa 2024 maintains its commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  2. Digital Transition – Introduction of WTM Africa app aims to reduce paper waste, promoting a tech-driven approach for a greener event.
  3. Recyclable Essentials – Attendees benefit from recyclable badges made from 100% biodegradable Kraft paper and reusable 100% cotton show bags, minimizing single-use waste.
  4. PET Plastic Innovation: Local eco-friendly manufacturer, E’Yako Green, contributes by supplying recycled PET plastic lanyards.
  5. Sustainability Showcase: The addition of the Sustainability Village also offers a walk-through experience. It is featuring artisans and thought leaders highlighting responsible tourism practices in action.
  6. Crafters Nexus: Delegates explore potential collaborations with local crafters, fostering partnerships that contribute to sustainable business practices.
  7. Business-Driven Sustainability: Collaboration with Melissa Foley, Founder of All About Africa, ensures the provision of actionable resources. It will also aid attendees in implementing sustainable changes within their businesses.
  8. Responsible Tourism Awards: Recognizing and spotlighting travel suppliers for their sustainability successes, WTM Africa 2024 encourages and rewards responsible practices in the industry.
  9. Artistic Upcycling: Moreover, partnering with the Recycled Flip Flop Sculptures Studio (RFFSS) showcases a unique approach to transforming discarded flip flops into art, aligning with the event’s sustainability goals.
  10. Inspire Theatre Dressing: Dunia Designs, an eco-conscious company based in Tanzania, dresses the Inspire Theatre venue with high-quality, recycled materials, providing an eco-friendly supply chain solution to the hospitality industry.

WTM Africa emphasizes the significance of small yet impactful changes for a measurable long-term impact. Lastly, De Jager concludes by highlighting the event’s commitment to inspiring greater accountability and local impact.