Unveiling 2024 Sleep Trends: Guiding Hotel Brands to Embrace Restful Travel Choices

2024 trends: Sleep Tourism is becoming the first priority of travelers.

In a notable shift of priorities, the desire for rest and rejuvenation takes the lead as the primary motivation for travel in 2024, according to Hilton’s latest trend report. The report discusses 2024 trends which travelers are interested in. It delves into the sleep preferences of different generations, providing valuable insights into the factors influencing their travel choices.


Here is the breakdown of this sleep tourism trend with respect to different generations:

Generation Z (Gen Z)

  • Travel Motivation: Gen Z, comprising the youngest demographic, shows a strong inclination (55%) towards travel for the purpose of rest and recharge.
  • Sleep Routine: A significant portion of Gen Z travelers (44%) actively engages in pre-sleep activities like listening to music or podcasts to enhance their sleep experience.


  • Travel Motivation: Millennials, the generation known for its tech-savvy and experience-driven mindset, prioritize rest and recharge at 60%.
  • Sleep Routine: Similar to Gen Z, 37% of Millennials incorporate pre-sleep rituals such as listening to music or podcasts into their routine.

Generation X (Gen X)

  • Travel Motivation: The report reveals that Gen X, the cohort between Baby Boomers and Millennials, exhibits an even higher preference for travel focused on rest and recharge, with 68% prioritizing this aspect.
  • Sleep Routine: When it comes to sleep habits, 28% of Gen X travelers listen to music or podcasts before bedtime.

Baby Boomers

  • Travel Motivation: Contrary to some stereotypes, Baby Boomers, the older demographic, also place a high value on rest and recharge, with 67% citing it as their primary travel motivation.
  • Sleep Preferences: Nearly 1 in 4 Baby Boomers actively seeks trusted hotel brands with quality mattresses to ensure a good night’s sleep.

These insights from 2024 trends reflect a universal shift in travel motivations across generations. Where the need for quality rest emerges as a common thread. The report further outlines diverse strategies employed by travelers to optimize their sleep experience. Which are ranging from pre-sleep activities like listening to music or podcasts to making conscious choices in accommodation, such as staying with trusted brands known for quality mattresses.

Additionally, the report notes emerging trends like the desire for in-room white noise. 20% of global travelers actively are seeking rooms away from elevators or on higher floors for a quieter sleep environment.


Now, it becomes evident that irrespective of age, today’s travelers are united by a shared aspiration for a restful travel. Hilton’s trend report serves as a valuable resource in understanding the evolving landscape of travel preferences in 2024. You can access the complete report at Hilton.


What Hospitality Brands Should do to Meet This Sleep Trend

To fulfill the evolving 2024 trend of travelers prioritizing quality sleep, hotel brands must implement strategic measures to enhance the overall sleep experience for their guests. Here are key actions that brands can take to meet this new trend:

Invest in Quality Sleep Essentials

Ensure that hotel rooms are equipped with high-quality bedding to provide guests with a comfortable and restful sleep environment. Regularly update these essentials to meet this new trend of 2024 of travelers seeking a consistent and superior sleep experience.

Offer Room Customization Options

Provide guests with the ability to customize their room preferences through digital check-in options. This includes choosing room positions, floors, and other features that contribute to a quieter and more personalized sleep environment.

Implement Sound-Absorbing Design

Incorporate sound-absorbing materials and design elements within guest rooms to minimize external noise and create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to quality sleep. Prioritize smart room layouts that optimize acoustic comfort.


Diversify Pillow Options

Introduce a variety of pillow options to accommodate different sleep preferences. Implementing a pillow menu allows guests to choose pillows that suit their comfort needs, reflecting a personalized approach to enhancing the sleep experience.

Integrate Wellness and Fitness Amenities

Hotels can align with fitness brands to provide guests with access to exercise equipment and wellness amenities, aligning with the 2024 trend. This includes partnerships with companies like Peloton to provide in-room fitness options, allowing travelers to maintain their health and contribute to better sleep.

Innovate Beverage Programs

Develop innovative beverage programs that cater to guests who regulate their alcohol consumption for better sleep. Include alcohol-free cocktail options in hotel bars and room service menus to align with the rising demand for non-alcoholic alternatives.

Create Unique Sleep Packages

Develop creative sleep packages and experiences to attract travelers seeking unique and restorative stays. This could involve partnerships with sleep therapy providers, wellness experts, or the inclusion of special amenities that enhance the overall sleep experience.

Consider Location Preferences

Recognize that travelers have diverse preferences when it comes to sleep destinations. Provide a variety of offerings, including resort locations and city destinations, to cater to different traveler profiles and their specific rest and relaxation needs.

Explore In-Room White Noise Solutions

Acknowledge the preference for in-room white noise by exploring options to provide this amenity for guests who find it beneficial for better sleep. This could involve incorporating white noise machines or offering white noise channels through in-room entertainment systems.

Emphasize Well-Being Across Brands

Infuse well-being into the overall brand identity and customer experience. Ensure that all brands within a hotel’s portfolio prioritize guest well-being, focusing on elements that contribute to quality sleep, such as room design, amenities, and wellness programs.

By adopting these strategic measures, hotel brands can align themselves with the evolving 2024 trend of sleep tourism. Implementing a comprehensive approach to enhancing the sleep experience will not only meet customer expectations but also position hotels as leaders in providing a holistic and satisfying travel experience.