AHIF Podcast: CG Corp Global’s Visionary Leadership

Rahul Chaudhary Discussion at AHIF

In a recent session at the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF), Rahul Chaudhary, the Managing Director and CEO of CG Corp Global and CG Hospitality Holdings, unfolded the narrative of the group’s ventures and visions. As media partners for AHIF 2024, Africa Hotel Report is honored to delve into the profound insights shared by Chaudhary.


Key Points Of AHIF Podcast Discussed by Rahul Chaudhary

Rahul Chaudhary highlights CG Global’s journey, its strategic diversification, and its focus on emerging markets, with a special emphasis on wellness tourism.

A Journey of Expansion and Diversification

Rahul Chaudhary stated that over the past two years, CG Corp Global has undergone a remarkable transformation, expanding its geographical footprint and diversifying its interests. From banking acquisitions in Nepal and Sri Lanka to a bold entry into the electric vehicle (EV) sector, the group’s growth narrative is a testament to strategic evolution and a commitment to exploring high-potential markets.

Banking on Emerging Markets

Chaudhary’s strategic focus on emerging and frontier markets has proven successful, with significant banking ventures in Nepal and Sri Lanka. This approach, characterized by high risk and high return, showcases CG Global’s ability to navigate complex entry barriers and unlock attractive pricing and investment opportunities.


Hospitality: A Flourishing Portfolio

In the hospitality sector, CG Hospitality Holdings stands out with an impressive portfolio of 169 hotels across 12 countries, making it the second-largest management company in India. Noteworthy expansions in East Africa, including the acquisition of iconic properties in Nairobi and Maasai Mara, underscore CG’s commitment to reinforcing its presence in key regions. Rahul Chaudhary also details the group’s ventures into the foods vertical, particularly with YY noodles, highlight its manufacturing prowess and plans to establish a plant in Egypt.


Automobile Innovation: The EV Drive

CG Global’s entry into the EV market, through partnerships with Chinese automakers and Hero, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, signals a strategic move to tap into the growing demand in developing countries. This initiative reflects the group’s ability to leverage geographical advantages and meet the aspirations of the middle class in markets like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.


Wellness Tourism: A Future Focus

Recognizing wellness as a future luxury hospitality trend, CG Global is set to expand its wellness resort footprint. The Farm at San Benito in the Philippines serves as a testament to the group’s excellence in offering holistic wellness experiences. Chaudhary’s vision to explore this sector in Africa underscores the continent’s potential as a vibrant market for wellness tourism.

Fostering Partnerships and Government Support

Rahul Chaudhary emphasizes the pivotal role of government support in facilitating foreign direct investment (FDI). He advocates for a collaborative approach to guide investors through regulatory waters and create conducive environments for growth. This partnership is vital for realizing the untapped potential across Africa, where CG Global aims to deepen its investment and operational footprint.

A Call to Investors

As CG Corp Global continues to redefine its business landscape, Chaudhary’s insights serve as a beacon for investors looking for opportunities in Africa and beyond. The AHIF platform, by bringing together key players in the hospitality industry, offers a unique space for networking, knowledge exchange, and strategic partnerships.

final words

Rahul Chaudhary’s discourse at AHIF not only highlights CG Corp Global’s impressive strides in diverse sectors but also paints a picture of Africa’s rich tapestry of opportunities. With a keen focus on emerging markets, wellness tourism, and sustainable practices, CG Global is poised to continue its trajectory of innovative growth and investment in the continent’s promising future. The AHIF podcast provides a valuable platform to unravel the layers of CG Corp Global’s success story and its vision for the evolving landscape of investment in Africa.

Watch the full podcast here for an in-depth exploration.