Rixos Hotels Egypt: Expanding Luxury Hospitality in Egypt

Rixos Hotels Egypt Expansion


Rixos Hotels Egypt is revolutionizing the hospitality industry in Egypt, positioning the country as a premier destination for global travelers. The company operates 11 hotels with over 7,000 rooms and plans to expand to 17 hotels with more than 15,000 rooms in the next two years.

Rixos Hotels Egypt: Major Expansion Plans

Mr. Erkan Yildirim, Managing Director of Rixos Hotels Egypt, announced significant expansion plans, including the Rixos Radamis Sharm El Sheikh. This new venture will feature over 4,000 rooms, a theme park, a water park, 40+ a la carte restaurants, and a convention center. “Our goal with the Rixos Radamis Sharm El Sheikh project alone is to attract more than one million additional tourists to Egypt,” stated Yildirim.

Beyond expanding room numbers, Rixos Hotels focuses on offering luxurious and diverse experiences. The recently opened Club Prive by Rixos Sharm El Sheikh caters to families seeking privacy, featuring 26 unique villas, each with its own beach, chefs, and housekeeping teams. Yildirim emphasized, “The same team welcomes guests year after year, creating a home-like experience.”


Strategic Importance of Egypt

Yildirim highlighted Egypt’s strategic importance, noting the country is a historical and cultural hub connecting Africa, Europe, and beyond. Expansion plans include projects in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Hurghada. “Egypt is a rising and exceptional destination that everybody needs to see and discover,” said Yildirim.


Rixos Hotels Egypt manages over 50% of luxury rooms in the country. Their commitment to luxury and guest satisfaction is unwavering. Yildirim emphasized, “Our motto is to make the life of the people easier. I give my team always one instruction: never say no to a guest.”

To enhance the guest experience, Rixos Hotels Egypt ensures guests have access to all their hotels within a 10-minute distance and plans to organize free shuttles. “We have more exciting projects underway, including the Al Montaza project in Alexandria, which holds a special place in my heart,” shared Yildirim. The Al Montaza project, opening its first phase in September, spans over one million square meters and features five hotels.

Future International Presence

While focusing on expanding within Egypt, Rixos Hotels Egypt also plans to establish a presence in key international markets like London and Germany. Looking ahead, they will host a significant exhibition next year, expecting 50,000 attendees. This event will bring global attention to Egypt and showcase the unparalleled experiences Rixos Hotels Egypt offers.