The Power of Mystery Guest Consulting: Elevating African Hotels

Mystery Guest Consulting

Article Credit: Frederic Van Lennep | VL Consulting’s Managing Director


In the fiercely competitive world of the hospitality industry, ensuring exceptional guest experiences is paramount. For hotels in Africa, where tourism is a burgeoning industry with immense potential, delivering top-notch service can make all the difference. One effective tool that is gaining popularity among hoteliers is Mystery Guest Consulting. This article delves into the significance of Mystery Guest Consulting and why it is crucial for hotels in Africa to embrace this practice to thrive in the hospitality landscape.

Understanding Mystery Guest Consulting

Mystery Guest Consulting, often referred to as mystery shopping or having a mystery guest, is a strategic approach used by hotels to assess their service quality, identify areas of improvement, and ensure that every aspect of the guest experience aligns with the property’s value proposition. These mystery guests, typically hired through agencies like Coyle, meticulously evaluate the guest journey, from reservations to their actual stay.

The Importance of Mystery Guest Consulting

Unbiased Assessment

One of the primary advantages of employing mystery guests is the objective perspective they provide. Unlike traditional feedback methods, mystery guests offer an unbiased assessment because they experience the hotel as typical guests would. This impartial viewpoint helps identify service gaps and issues that may not be apparent to hotel staff who are accustomed to the property’s routine.


Reservations Assessment

Mystery guests play a pivotal role in assessing the hotel’s reservation process. They interact with various booking channels, such as the hotel’s website or reservation call center, and even simulate the booking process as different types of guests, such as corporate clients or government organizations. This comprehensive evaluation allows hotels to ensure that their distribution channels are efficient and that guests are receiving the perks they deserve.


Realistic Experiences

Hotels in Africa often experience fluctuating occupancy levels due to seasonal variations. Mystery guests should be deployed during both busy and slow periods to provide a holistic view of service quality. By doing so, hoteliers can assess whether service levels remain consistent, regardless of the property’s occupancy rates.


Customized Testing

Mystery guests can be tailored to the specific needs of each hotel. Hoteliers can request assessments of various aspects, including method of arrival, dining outlets, resort amenities, and service recoveries. This customization ensures that hotels can focus on the areas that matter most to their guests and business operations.

Strategic Timing

For seasonal hotels and resorts in Africa, it’s essential to time mystery visits strategically. Conducting assessments just before and during peak seasons allows hoteliers to ensure that their property is fully prepared to meet the demands of increased guest traffic.

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, guest satisfaction remains the ultimate goal for hotels in Africa. Mystery Guest Consulting provides a unique opportunity for hoteliers to gain valuable insights into their operations, discover areas for improvement, and ultimately enhance the guest experience. By embracing this practice, hotels can position themselves as industry leaders, ensuring they not only attract but also retain guests, contributing to the growth of the African hospitality sector.

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