Rixos Hotels Egypt Welcomes CREDAI NATCON 2023, a Premier Indian Convention



The 21st Edition of the National Convention (NATCON) by CREDAI, India’s Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association, is set to make history from October 5th to 8th. This prestigious event will take place at the renowned Rixos properties, Rixos Premium Seagate, and Rixos Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Fostering Collaborations and Partnerships

The primary objective of this event is to foster collaborations across various sectors, such as technology, tourism, and renewable energy. CREDAI NATCON 2023 aims to open doors to transformative prospects and shared growth between India and Egypt.

Rixos Premium Seagate and Rixos Sharm El Sheikh will host 1400 guests from India. Notably, prominent Indian businessmen and celebrities, including Suniel Shetty and singer Sukhwinder Singh, will grace the occasion.


Mr. Erkan Yildirim, Managing Director of Rixos Egypt, expressed his enthusiasm for hosting CREDAI NATCON 2023 at their lavish properties. He highlighted the event’s significance in fostering collaboration and innovation within the real estate industry.


True Events, India’s event planning company, with Inventum Global and Rixos, spearheads the planning and execution of this gathering. This annual event gathers key stakeholders, experts, and industry leaders from the Indian Real Estate industry.

Connecting India and Egypt

Mr. Bunyat Ozpak, co-founder of Inventum Global, emphasized the opportunity to connect the Indian real estate industry with Egypt’s diverse sectors. This event transcends borders and brings together the best of India and Egypt.

The organizers’ final decision to choose Sharm El Sheikh over Tokyo, Japan, promises attendees an exquisite and exciting experience. Sharm El Sheikh is renowned for its stunning coastal beauty, pristine shorelines, vibrant coral reefs, and exceptional diving opportunities. Rixos Premium Seagate and Rixos Sharm El Sheikh, with their breathtaking views, diverse dining options, and outstanding amenities, are the ideal choice for hosting conferences and post-conference relaxation and networking.

CREDAI NATCON 2023 in Egypt promises to be a historic and transformative event, uniting India and Egypt while opening doors to new ventures and partnerships.

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