Role of Design in Hospitality: Insights by Moyo Ogunseinde

Role of design in hospitality

Recently, Moyo Ogunseinde, a real estate developer based in Nigeria, shared her insights on the importance of design in hospitality. She said design serves as the cornerstone of guest interactions, brand touchpoints, and business endeavors in the hospitality industry.


In 2023, Moyo renovated Radisson Blu Anchorage and infuse her architectural expertise into the fabric of Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel. She said, it has been a thrilling journey for her, amplifying the vision with each stroke of creativity.

Here’s the impact Moyo believes design can have in the hospitality industry:

First Impressions

Upon entering a hospitality venue, guests are greeted by the design, setting the tone for their experience. The carefully curated pathway at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hote ensures a memorable stay, capturing memento photos and enhancing overall satisfaction.


Brand Identity and Differentiation

Design expresses the unique brand of a hospitality business, distinguishing it from competitors. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel’s style, sophistication, and iconicity create a recognizable brand worldwide, attracting and retaining customers.


Atmosphere and Ambiance

Design also influences the mood of a space, affecting guest experience. In Lagos, the hotel immerses guests in a vibrant atmosphere, capturing the city’s energy and culture through curated artwork and strategic lighting.

Functionality and Flow

Moreover, good design prioritizes functionality, enhancing guest comfort and satisfaction at hospitality brands. For instance, a satellite kitchen near the Idera Event Centre ensures seamless service delivery, contributing to elevated guest experiences.


Design integrates eco-friendly practices in hospitality, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. By aligning with environmentally conscious guests, the hotel paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Economic Impact

Effective design boosts operational efficiency and guest satisfaction, contributing to business success. The recent suite renovation increased guest satisfaction and retail value, showcasing the economic benefits of strategic design investment.

In conclusion, design plays a pivotal role in creating memorable experiences, enhancing brand identity, and driving economic success in hospitality industry.

Article Credit: Moyo Ogunseinde