Africa Hotel Vista Video Series: A Recap of 2023

Africa Hotel Vista Video Series:

In September 2023, the Africa Hotel Report proudly launched the Africa Hotel Vista video series, embarking on a journey to explore, discuss, and illuminate various facets of the African hospitality industry. Throughout the year, this video series has served as a premier platform for thought leadership. It has provided insights from industry experts and fostering discussions that shape the narrative of the dynamic African hotel landscape.


September’s Africa Hotel Vista: Exploring New Markets & Expanding Businesses

1. Trevor Ward – W Hospitality Group

In the September edition of our hotel vista series, Trevor Ward, Managing Director of W Hospitality Group, shared his extensive knowledge and three decades of experience in the hospitality and real estate industries. The discussion focused on exploring new markets and expanding hotel businesses in Africa. It also highlights Ward’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the African hospitality sector.

2. Craig Erasmus – Fairmont Africa & Mantis

Craig Erasmus emphasized critical considerations for hotel developers looking to expand into new markets in Africa. The importance of local partnerships, understanding unique challenges, and tailoring strategies to market maturities were key takeaways from Erasmus’s interview.

3. Carl Haller – Newmark Hotels

Carl Haller, New Business Developer at Newmark Hotels, guided the audience through the meticulous process of evaluating new market opportunities, adapting hotel products to regional needs, and addressing challenges in new markets. His insights illuminated potential areas of growth within Africa’s ever-evolving hotel landscape.


October’s Africa Hotel vista: Capitalizing on the Growth of Domestic Tourism in Africa

1. Jad Shamseddin – Aleph Hospitality’s COO

October’s hotel vista series shifted its focus to domestic tourism, featuring Jad Shamseddin, the COO of Aleph Hospitality. Shamseddin shared strategies for optimizing domestic tourism, emphasizing culturally sensitive offerings, local collaborations, technology adoption, and the creation of unique guest experiences.


2. Dupe Olusola – Transcorp Hotels Plc

Dupe Olusola, Managing Director/CEO of Transcorp Hotels Plc, provided insights on tapping into Africa’s expanding domestic tourism sector in our hotel vista series. She introduced ‘Aura,’ a revolutionary solution for enhancing the booking experience, and highlighted the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to engage domestic travelers effectively.


3. Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo – City Lodge Hotel Group’s COO

Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo, COO of the City Lodge Hotel Group, offered a multi-faceted approach to enhancing domestic tourism in Africa. In Africa She stressed the importance of adapting to diverse needs and the crucial role of social media in bridging the gap between service providers and contemporary travelers.

November’s Africa Hotel Vista: Crafting Memorable Hotel Dining

1. Michelle Theron – Hazendal Wine Estate’s Executive Chef

In November, Hazendal Wine Estate’s Executive Chef, Michelle Theron, shared groundbreaking insights into crafting memorable hotel dining experiences. Theron’s dynamic culinary approach integrated African flavors, emphasizing health-conscious choices and sustainability, while providing strategic insights for culinary success.

2. Neeraj Pyaneeandee – Valor Hospitality’s Executive Chef

Continuing the exploration of culinary traditions in December, Chef Neeraj Pyaneeandee highlighted strategies for creating memorable dining experiences in hotels. His approach involved blending traditional African flavors with contemporary trends, emphasizing staff training, customer-centric service, and leveraging technology for promotions.

December’s Africa Hotel Vista: Hotel Design, Architecture, and Interiors in the African Context

1. Dexter Moren – Founding Partner of Studio Moren

The December edition featured Dexter Moren, Founding Partner of Studio Moren, focusing on hotel design, architecture, and interiors in the African context. Moren emphasized the importance of regional distinctiveness, service-driven design, sustainability, and balancing modern sophistication with cultural diversity in crafting future-ready designs for evolving markets.

Final Words

The Africa Hotel Vista video series of 2023 has been a journey through the diverse facets of the African hospitality industry. From market exploration to domestic tourism, culinary innovations, and hotel design, each episode has contributed to elevating discussions and fostering thought leadership within the African hotelier community. As we anticipate the insights that 2024 will bring, the Africa Hotel Vista series remains a preeminent platform for navigating the dynamic landscape of African hospitality.