October’s Africa Hotel Vista Video Series: A Recap

October's Africa Hotel Vista

October marked another exciting month for the Africa Hotel Vista video series, where the focus remained firmly on the African hospitality sector. The theme for October’s Africa Hotel Vista series was “Capitalizing on the Growth of Domestic Tourism in Africa.” We were privileged to host three distinguished leaders in the industry who shared their valuable insights and expertise.


1. Jad Shamseddin – Aleph Hospitality’s Chief Operating Officer

Our first guest of October’s Africa Hotel Vista series was Jad Shamseddin, the COO of Aleph Hospitality. He has a rich 22-year career in the hospitality industry, with extensive experience spanning the Middle East and Africa.

During the interview, he shared strategies for hotels looking to optimize domestic tourism. Mr. Shamseddin emphasized culturally sensitive offerings, local business collaborations, technology adoption, and the creation of unique guest experiences. He discussed the success of hotels like Best Western Plus Westlands and the Boma Nairobi. As he provides benchmark practices for hotels targeting domestic travelers.

2. Dupe Olusola – Managing Director/CEO of Transcorp Hotels Plc

Our second guest of October’s Africa Hotel Vista series was Dupe Olusola. She has shared invaluable insights on tapping into Africa’s expanding domestic tourism sector. She highlighted the notable rise in domestic travel and discussed how Transcorp Hotel Plc has adeptly adapted to this change.


Dupe introduced ‘Aura,’ a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the booking experience for accommodations and local activities. She emphasized the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to engage domestic travelers effectively. She also showcased Transcorp Hilton Abuja’s diverse range of leisure activities.


3. Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo – COO of the City Lodge Hotel Group

Our third guest of October’s Africa Hotel Vista series was Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo, the COO of the City Lodge Hotel Group, is a prominent leader in the hospitality industry. She provided a multi-faceted approach to enhancing domestic tourism in Africa. She stressed the importance of adapting to the diverse needs of domestic travelers while recognizing the role of local nuances in shaping tourism experiences.

In today’s market, Sangweni-Siddo highlighted the crucial role of social media in bridging the gap between service providers and contemporary travelers, championing its use as an essential tool for real-time feedback and measuring guest satisfaction.

October’s Africa Hotel Vista series Essence

In addition to these insightful interviews, October Africa Hotel Vista series continues to demonstrate its commitment to elevating discussions within the African hotelier community. These interviews shed light on the strategies and practices that are essential for capitalizing on the growth of domestic tourism in Africa. They highlight the pivotal role the hospitality sector plays in shaping the narrative of Africa’s diverse cultures and landscapes.

Looking Forward to November

As we look forward to the November series, Africa Hotel Vista promises to continue providing unmatched insights and expertise to the dynamic African hospitality industry.

Stay tuned for more enriching conversations and industry trailblazers in the months to come.