Accor Unveils A Purpose Statement for Responsible Hospitality

Accor's purpose statement for responsible hospitality is unveiled


Accor, a world-leading hospitality group, has announced its purpose statement: “Pioneering the Art of Responsible Hospitality, Connecting Cultures, with Heartfelt Care.” This declaration follows the conclusion of the Group’s 2024 Annual General Meeting.

To craft this purpose statement, Accor conducted an extensive company-wide consultation. The process involved Purpose taskforce and Ethics Committee workshops, interviews with ExCo members, Heartists®, and external stakeholders, gathering over 50,000 quotes from nearly 10,000 people.

Accor has consistently committed to sustainability and a community-centric approach. Their strategy emphasizes care for people and the planet. The new purpose statement formalizes these values and holds the Group accountable. Accor has grown into a global collective of responsible hospitality leaders, embracing ethical practices and fostering meaningful connections.


Sébastien Bazin, Chairman & CEO of Accor, stated, “We are explorers, masters of hospitality, and responsible actors who connect cultures. Our new purpose statement is the culmination of years of Purpose-led hospitality and a step towards pioneering responsible travel. This framework will inspire purposeful actions and performances.”


Four Key Strategic Pillars of Accor’s purpose statement

Accor’s purpose statement focuses on four key strategic pillars. Each pillar includes commitments based on concrete actions, assessed through KPIs.

The Art of Hospitality
Accor is dedicated to creating a culture of excellence. They empower their Heartists® to challenge the status quo and offer authentic guest experiences.

Responsible Hospitality
Accor commits to making every stay a positive contribution to society and the environment. They aim to set the industry standard for responsible hospitality.

Connecting Cultures
Accor promises to turn every day into an intercultural journey. They strive to preserve and nourish local identities.

Heartfelt Care
Accor focuses on fostering empathy and wellbeing in the workplace. They aim to embed a fair chance and social elevator culture across the Group.

This new purpose statement will guide Accor in its mission to lead responsible hospitality, connect cultures, and provide heartfelt care.

About Accor

Accor is a leading global hospitality group with over 5,600 properties and 10,000 food and beverage venues in more than 110 countries. Offering a diverse range of experiences from luxury to economy, Accor is dedicated to ethical business practices, responsible tourism, sustainable development, community outreach, and diversity and inclusion. Founded in 1967, Accor is headquartered in France and listed on Euronext Paris and the OTC Market in the U.S.